17/52: Car

OK, so I’m cheating a little bit with this one. I didn’t take this picture this week, I just finally got around to picking up the developed film and scanning it.

I was on a mission to play with my newly acquired Diana F+ camera. I took a whole bunch of completely random pictures in my apartment (which was way to dark, so none of them turned out) and while I was taking out the garbage (yep, I’m a multi-tasker). There’s a very nice old car in the back alley and I figured it would make a good subject for this type of camera.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 17 of my 52 week challenge.

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16/52: Red insect

Macro + bug = love

Mid-May I took a macro photography course. It was interesting, fun, and a bit exhausting. I was the only person there who wasn’t already an acquaintance or friend of the instructor, but the guys were all super friendly. I was also the only person there who didn’t really know what they were doing (they all obviously spend a lot more time learning the ins and outs of their cameras, had more gear, etc.), but no one seemed to mind.

We went to Henriette Louise Edwards Park (if you are in the city and haven’t been there yet, go – it’s really lovely and there are tonnes of things to take pictures of). I took a million pictures (ok, only 260+) and deleted more then half of them (a lot of them were crap because of the wind or because they were experiments in trying to learn what I was supposed to be doing). This picture was one of my favorites.

I was trying to get some neat pictures of the lichen on the tree (none of them turned out) when I suddenly felt something land on my hand. I peaked up long enough to see that it was this bug and gently shook my finger. The bug didn’t budge, so I left it. Eventually it moved, and when I looked I noticed that all it had done was move to my lens, where it stayed for a while. Then it flew onto the tree, where it (thankfully) stayed long enough for me to get three quick shots. This one’s the best.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 16 of my 52 week challenge.

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15/52 Red

15/52: Red

I went on a bit of a hike in the River Valley this past weekend. It was a really nice trip, despite the occasional obstacle that almost made me turn back. In one area, right by the river, there were a whole bunch of these bushed with red bark. I found this picture particularly compelling. I’m not sure why. Maybe because of the contrasts in colour or maybe because of the way the branches and grass stems create squares.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 15 of my 52 week challenge.

14/52 Sign

14/52: Sign

Oh, sigh.  Fluorescent signs are always ruining perfectly good scenery shots.

The roads and bridge near this sign (a wee bit to the left of this picture) are being renovated (as they have been for what feels like eons).  Because people go boating and kayaking on the river, they have to have these signs to warn people that maybe,  just maybe,  it might not be terribly safe to go under the bridge,  just incase something falls on you.

If I could have gotten a shot without the out of focus trees in the foreground (the ones that were nearest to where I was standing) and without the house in the top left hand corner, I actually think that this would have made a half decent picture. But, I didn’t pick it for its quality, I picked it because I kept finding that I couldn’t get pictures of the river because of these blasted signs being in the way.

I really hate fluorescent colours.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 14 of my 52 week challenge.

12/52 Onions

12/52: Onions

I like plants, but I don’t have many in my apartment as it’s dark and drafty (neither of which is fairly good for plants, especially when it’s minus 20C outside).  Now that the weather is warming up, I have started to repopulate my apartment with plants.  I didn’t have anything to plant in one of my pots, so I decided to plant some of my sprouting seeds just to have something green while I decided what sort of plants I wanted to add.

These are onion seeds.  This particular variety doesn’t seem to get much bigger then this (very thin and a couple inches tall), which is too bad because I would have happily left them in the pot so that I could have a continued supply.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 12 of my 52 week challenge.

11/52 Kira

11/52: Kira

This is Kira.  She’s one of my many four-legged relatives.  She’s a pain  in the butt, but she’s adorable and I love her.

I’m amazed that I was able to get a shot of her with only her tail slightly blurred.  She’s full of energy and never sits still for more the half a second.

Also, I think it’s funny that she’d licking her nose

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 11 of my 52 week challenge.

10/52 Trees and cracks

10/52: Trees and cracks

By the time I had taken this picture, I had had my dSLR for almost 5 months, but I hadn’t really taken it out much.  Edmonton winters can get extremely cold and as the camera was both expensive and relatively new to me, I was hesitant to ever take it outside.  But, the weather had taken a turn for the better and it was almost spring-like outdoors, so I decided to take a trip to the River Valley despite there still being a bit of snow on the ground and thick ice in the alleys.

I usually cut through the back alleys – there’s always interesting things in the alleys and considerably fewer people.  Because of the still air and the snow melt, there were puddles everywhere with reflections of the nearby trees and buildings.  I found this one particularly interesting because part of the cracked bottom was obscured by the silt in the water, so the checkered cracks blended into the chaotic branch pattern from the evergreens being reflected in the puddle.

I think that the grey, overcast sky helped make this picture because it blends into the grey of the ice.  A blue sky would have separated the reflection from the surrounding ice too much.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 10 of my 52 week challenge.

8/52 Junior Birdman

8/52: Junior Birdman

I tried to find a video of either the Junior Birdmen song or the spoof we sang, Senior Birdmen.  But, alas, all I could find were bad renditions of the song with lyrics we didn’t use or bad renditions without all the hand gestures.  Of course, I strongly suspect that we used the wrong lyrics – neither of the songs I learned make any sense, particularly in light of the origin of the song.  Maybe one day I will make a video of myself doing the songs with their hand gestures.  But, for now you will just have to trust me when I say that this is me being a senior birdman.

That’s the story behind the photo that I picked for week 8 of my 52 week challenge.