Legislature grounds

I’m a big fan of making a quick side trip through the Legislature grounds on my way to work each morning. It’s not out of my way (it only adds 5-ish minutes to my trip, if I go around the whole building) and there are some really lovely bits and pieces of garden, like the Lois Hole Memorial garden (a favourite place to stop). It’s exceptionally nice right now, while things are starting to bloom and before they’ve had a chance to fill in every nook and cranny with begonias (which are so boring compared to some of the native things they could plant and leave permanently).

Morning sun on leaves
A week ago, this was mostly bare and the leaves were emerging on mostly on the circumference. Now, it’s filling out nicely.
Tiny flowers hidden on the underside of the branch
Morning sun on leaves
Pink flowers
White flowers

Alberta Legislature Grounds

My walk to work always involves a trip up through the Alberta Legislature Grounds. This is partly because it’s a convenient way to to get into the section of downtown that I need to be in, but mostly because it’s a nice last bit of quiet and gardens for me to enjoy before having to think about the work day. The leaves are changing, but the gardens are still looking pretty good. One of these days, I’ll gather all the pictures I’ve taken over the years and give you a bit of a tour of the various monuments and garden sections, but, for now, here’s just a few pictures I’ve taken on recent strolls through the grounds.

The upper pavilion has some lovely green areas, including this pocket of green and gold.
The upper pavilion also has fountain feature at ground level. I prefer it in the morning when it doesn’t have the silly lights on (they’re embedded in the nozzles to light up the water).
These are simply gorgeous.
Yesterday's clouds at the Alberta Legislature #ableg #clouds
Cloudy day.

Devonian Botanical Gardens

A couple of weeks ago, a grad school friend drove all the freaking way from BC for a wee visit. I thought I’d share a bit of our random wanderings.

Contrary to what I thought when I first heard of the Devonian Botanical Gardens, it has nothing to do with the Devonian Period, often known as the Age 0f the Fish, and everything to do with the fact that it’s near Devon, AB (neat fact, the Devonian Period was also named after a place called Devon, but not Devon, AB).  We drove down to DBG after having brunch and a visit with another classmate. It just so happened that there was a fruit growers of Alberta event happening in the park, so we had a chance to stop and sample dozens of different varieties of apples and other random fruit (pears, plums, elderberries, cherries, etc.). The DBG is pretty cool, but it wasn’t the best time of year to go (a lot of plants were looking a bit worn and a lot of the plots were looking a bit rough after a long summer). The enclosed gardens (butterflies, arid plants, etc.) were pretty cool. Especially the butterflies: there were tonnes of them and I had two land on me (briefly).

Here are a few pictures: