Re-committing to living creatively

I lost touch with my creative side for nearly half my life because I was too scared of being poor to commit to taking art in university (even as a minor). I’m just rediscovering that side of me. She’s changed a lot. Or, maybe I have have. I’m not sure and I don’t think it matters. The important thing is that I’ve been slowly but surely finding more time for creative things, noticing the beauty in things, and finding inspiration.

I’m not sure when this started because it’s not like I went from zero ro hero over night. I’ve always done some creative things on occasion (office decorations, Christmas ornaments, etc.), but I always seemed to need a special excuse and lots of inspiration to get myself going and other things would distract me if I wasn’t really committed to a project.

Instead, it seems to have been a slow and steady progression: doing a few more projects; doodling more often; spending more time stopping to admire and find inspiration in a picture or piece of art before randomly liking, pinning or sharing it; and, being more likely to try other new things.

Over the past few years I’ve played with lots of different things: knitting, needlework, quilting, watercolour, etc. Some of them were good to learn, but never amounted to anything (knitting). Other’s have grabbed me and refuse to let go, yet (quilting).

About year ago, I suddenly discovered that cross stitch and embroidery were pretty cool and a good way to spend an evening. Six months ago, I took the plunge and decided to take an online art and inspiration class (Create Daily, by Alisa Burke). I also took the plunge and bought a cheap sewing machine so that I could finaly make the cushion covers I thought I wanted in my apartment (still hasn’t happened, but I changed my mind about what I wanted). Shortly after that I decided to try quilting. Then I actually finished my first quilt.

Suddenly, I was on a roll and I was finding that every spare moment was becoming more and more dedicated to creative projects and finding inspiration. I haven’t got much to show for it yet (a few half made quilts, a sketch book full of ideas, etc.), but I’m doing things.

I’m excited about this. I’m scared that I might lose it again, but mostly I’m excited to see where things go and how things progress.