Reading update – September 2018

I read one book this month. One book!

I kept picking up books. I flipped through or skimmed parts of art and other non-fiction books. I read a whole two chapters of a book that I plan to continue. But, mostly, I listened to a lot of podcasts and watch a lot of British detective series.


The House of Silk – This is a Sherlock Holmes mystery by Anthony Horowitz. It was a good story and it felt appropriately Sherlockian (mind you, I’ve only read short Holmes mysteries and watched a few variations of TV series). To be honest, I mostly picked it up on the strength of the other two Horowitz mysteries I read (The Word is Murder and Magpie Murders). Not that I expected the same sort of story – this was, after all, authorized by the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate, so I was sure it would be old school Sherlock. But, I reasoned that if Horowitz could write a page turner in a modern setting and the Arthur Conan Doyle Estate allowed the book to be published, then this most be a good read. And, I wasn’t disappointed. I won’t even try to explain the story, as I’m sure to ruin the mystery. But, if you like Sherlock (the books, the series, the movies, etc.), than you’ll probably enjoy this new book.

After reading this, I had a thirst for British detective shows. I’ve always enjoyed Midsomer Murders and the like, so I bought myself an external DVD drive and headed to the library. I binged on Vera and The Coroner. Then I binged on podcasts. Then it was the end of the month and I realized that I hadn’t read any more books, but I had heard and learned a lot about personal finances, science, simple living, minimalism, and even Canadian politics. So, yes, I only read one book, but I still had a interesting, entertaining and informative month.



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