30×30 direct watercolour challenge – week two

I’ve been participating in Marc Taro Holmes’ 30×30 direct watercolour challenge. This a round-up of the paintings I did for days 8-14 (you can see 1-7 here).

This week involved a lot of quick and simple paintings. You can see them and, where applicable, the reference photos on Instagram.

I should note that I have no training in watercolours. I’m using this challenge as a means of learning, practising, and playing with watercolours.

8. Feather

This painting ended up being a little overworked because I still wasn’t practiced with determining when the painting is the right level of wet/dry for what you need (I’m still not!). But, I had fun trying and the colour mixing was just about perfect, thanks to Payne’s Grey (a personal favourite).

9. Flowers

I just needed a day of playing with all the beautiful colours in my palette and doing something easy. Bonus gold dots!

10. Somewhat abstract sunsets, 2 versions

I wanted to play with colour fields again. I was also starting to think about ideas for an upcoming beginner rug hooking class with Fern School of Craft (I won’t be using these as they’re bigger and more complex than I wanted).

11. A continuation of the abstract sunsets, 3 versions

More playing with sunsets and colour. I think that this one would make a cool quilt.

12. Aster and forest litter (and close-ups)

I’m in love with the aster, not so much the forest litter painting. But, asters are one of my all time favourite flowers and I love the picture this one was based on.

13. Lemon plants

I started some lemon plants last year, and they’re still alive! On this day, I just felt like doing something simple and cheerful.

14. Rocky edge of Lake Louise, AB, 2 versions plus a practice page

Oh the irony. My practice piece is where I did my favourite rocks. I don’t dislike my final piece, but those rocks were tough. I’m still struggling with finding the perfect wet/dry points wen painting and I don’t know if that’s because I’m impatient/distracted or because it’s dry where I live or because this paper isn’t ideal. But, I still enjoyed the efforts and the turquoise water (Wanderlust Watercolour’s turquoise was perfect – no colour mixing required).


I was struggling for a few days, which is why I allowed myself to do some really basic, quick and messy abstract sunset pictures. I’m really bad about sticking to challenges and decided to doing something easy was better than quitting. And, I’m glad I gave myself this freedom because this marks the halfway point and I still have some great ideas and I still want to see this challenge through tot he end.

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