Happy Release Day to Floodgate Poetry Series Volume 4

I’m attached to the indie publisher who publishes the Floodgate Poetry Series, Upper Rubber Boot (URB), through being friends with the publisher and being a bad volunteer (slacker!). But, this post is my own and not requested or required by URB. I just want to share my love for the series!

I love the Floodgate Poetry Series. I’m not always a big fan of poetry, but I will always buy a new volume of Floodgate.

Volume 1 was my first introduction to the format – three chapbooks (short collections of poetry) combined to make a book with three different voices and topics. It’s pretty brilliant because you get enough poems to discover the poet(s) and get a good sense of their style, but you also get more then one poet.

Volume 2, specifically the section by Judy Jordan, did things to me that I didn’t know poetry could do to a person. I still feel a sense of sorrow and beauty when I think about it, despite the fact that it’s been two years since I read it. I could smell the earth and flowers as I read her words. It was a delightful read.

Volume 3 was fascinating. One section was a conversation in poems between two fathers, F. Douglas Brown and Geffrey Davis. The concept was  new to me. I knew poets could collaborate or talk to others through their work, but it never occurred to me that they might use their poetry as the discussion (think in terms of letters sent back and forth, but in poems).

And, now there’s a fourth. Today is it’s release day. You can buy it on Amazon, or you can order it from your favourite local indie store (check out Indiebound to find a local store and if there isn’t one nearby, consider asking an indie store if they’re ship to you … basically, support indie book stores because they’re awesome and deserve your love).

I know nothing about the 3 poets featured in Volume 4 because I’ve purposely not looked them up (I like the idea of everything being new to me). When I get it (probably not for a couple of weeks because it takes a long time to get it shipped to Canada), I’m sure I’ll let you guys know just how fabulous it is. The poets are Regina DiPerna, Ryan Teitman, and Paisley Rekdal.

And, if you have any interest in poetry, consider checking out this or past volumes.

Also, can we please talk about the gorgeous cover! This will be a book that I’ll want facing out on my bookshelf so that I can admire the art everyday. The piece is by Siolo Thompson, who has a fascinating Instagram feed.



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