The unread shelf project: January update

This project is going quite well, so far, though I did allow myself to get a little stressed out about library books this month. Despite cancelling most of the holds I had, a number of them all came at once. After stressing out about it for a few days, I finally just decided that I had to return all of them. I could borrow them later, when I have fewer unread books on my shelf.

I then decided to review my holds again and cancelled some more. I kept most of the audiobooks on hold and a couple of short books on hold. I also kept all holds I have on cookbook because I typically just flip through them to see if there are any yummy looking recipes.

It seems silly to get stressed out about library books, but I really want to make my way through as many of my unread books as possible this year. So, having all these unnecessary books slowing me down so early in the year just felt like a big roadblock.

Despite this hiccup, I managed to read quite a few items from my unread shelf:

I also quit two books, including one that, despite having kept my interest for most of the book, started to bore me. Or, maybe I just really wanted to read something else. I may return to it, but as it’s available at the library, I removed this book from my unread shelf.

All told, that’s 9 items removed and another 3 in progress.

I also accumulated a few items over the month. Most of them were planned acquisitions that had been included in my initial count of unread items. The exceptions being:

  1. Some audiobooks via my subscriptions (planned, but not included in the initial count). I’m working on using up the last of my Audible credits and started my Kobo subscription in December. I did not use my January Kobo credit yet, but I did neglect to include my December purchase in my initial unread books count. And, I got Transit from Audible (which I finished this weekend) and Minds of Winter from Audible (which currently reading).
  2. 5 magazines that a friend gave me (3 volumes of Pure Green magazine and 2 volumes of Alternatives Journal magazine). I’m not worried about these because I likely won’t read them cover-to-cover, so they’ll be relatively quick reads. And, I’m not 100% sure I’ll keep them.
  3. Uppercase magazine #36 (planned, but not included in the initial count).
  4. One ebook bought in a moment of weakness after thoroughly enjoying another book by the same author and seeing A Memory of Violets for $2.09

So, my current tally sits at:

  • 53 physical books (2 books in progress)
  • 7 magazines
  • 9 audiobooks, plus 2 unused credits (1 audiobook in progress)
  • 17 ebooks (1 ebook in progress)

Here’s a chart, because I like charts:

Overall, I think this project is working well for me. I wasn’t expecting much progress in January. And, frankly, after weeding about half of them before I even started this project, I didn’t really care. Going into February, I realize that I need to make time to read magazines and ebooks, so I’ve pulled a magazine to sit on my ottoman and put my Kobo by my bed. I may also create shortcuts to the ebooks I’m reading on my cell phone’s home screen as a visual reminder.

I had originally planned to read or get rid of 6 books each month, which would get me down to about 20 books at the end of the year, but I’m trying to be less regimented with my reading (reading what I want, when I want), so I think I’ll just see how things go for a few months.

Are you participating in the unread shelf project? If so, how’s your reading going?

Currently reading Birds Art Life by #KyoMaclear It's utterly delightful! . I won this book from @49thshelf_reads during their 12 days of Christmas contest in December ♥️


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