Reading update, May 2017

I started May with almost 70 hours of audiobooks from the library. That’s a daunting number, even for an audiobook enthusiast who listens at about 1.5 speed. Thankfully, I returned one of the longer ones almost immediately because the production quality was poor (and the library had a print copy).

All those audiobooks meant that I didn’t finish my Novel Editions book in time for the book club discussion. I was surprised by how disappointed I was about missing it. Despite this disappointment, it was a good reading month. I completed my #getaholdofyourshelf challenge (for once!), finished last month’s #getaholdofmyshelf pick, and participated in the Savvy Reader readathon.

The readathon was part of the 50 book pledge challenge. I signed up for it for reasons … I honestly can’t remember why. It seems a little pointless as I already have a personal challenge on Goodreads, but I’ve been really enjoying it. We get little badges at milestones and for reading specific books or authors, the online community (especially on Twitter) is quite active and supportive, and the people running it are oozing with enthusiasm. Best of all, it’s based in Canada, which is a nice treat for us Canadians.


What I read:


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