Get a Hold of My Shelf update

I bought about a million times more new books in April than I read (slight exaggeration). Emma, who started #getaholdofmyshelf, is trying to keep her books balanced (only acquiring as many as she reads). If I was doing the same thing, I’d be screwed.

I’m not sure if all the buying was because of all the fabulous new publications, or just because I was getting tired of winter and using books to make myself feel better. Probably both!

Regardless of the reason, my TBR (to be read) pile is expanding instead of shrinking. Also, in April, almost all the books I read were audiobooks or books that weren’t on my TBR shelf (i.e., mostly from the library).

I don’t mind having a decent TBR pile, but I find it overwhelming when it’s too big. Personally, I like have a dozen or so books sitting around waiting for me to read them so that I always have a few options when I’m in a slump or randomly find that I’ve finished all my library books. Unfortunately, my pile is at least twice what I’m comfortable with and I want to read every single last book, so I won’t be getting rid of any.

Anyway, the challenge … In April, the challenge was to read the book I had been most excited to get when I bought it:

As much as I wanted to read these two books, I just got stalled and I’ve been having trouble finding the time to read. April was busy, I guess.

My May challenge is the one that I’ve been desperately hoping for these past three months:

May challenge: The shortest books.

Thank you bookish gods! I have a number of books I can choose from, several of which I bought recently and desperately want to dive into. I allowed myself to first pick from the non-poetry books because I would otherwise be reading nothing but poetry all month. I love poetry, but I have some short, non-poetry books that I really want to sink my teeth in.

I ended up pulling three books, because I couldn’t pick just two. And, I’ll use this as an excuse to finish a short-ish book that I started in March.

My #getaholdofyourshelf books for the month. For May, I picked shortest book, so I pulled 3 and then decided to add The Children's Home, which I've already started.  I sort of cheated because all my shortest books are poetry books, but I really want to re



    • Yes, I nearly once or twice because of some slow parts. But, mostly, it just intrigued and confused me.


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