From YouTube: Not A “Proper” Reader?

In her video Not a “Proper” Reader?Ariel Bissett talks about being a “proper” reader. Her comments are specific to public readers (book bloggers, booktubers, reviewers, etc.) and the expectations relating to how much they should read, but they’re valid to everyone. It doesn’t matter how much others read. Just read. It doesn’t matter which books or genres you enjoy. Just read.  It doesn’t matter if you mostly read magazines or comics. Just read.

… if you only manage to read one book this month … nobody cares! It doesn’t matter! Did you enjoy the book? That’s a more important question.

As someone who used to struggle with the label “reader” and with the idea of keeping up with others, this is a really important topic for me. I wrote about it last year in my post On quitting books and I will write about it a hundred thousand times more if I need to – you do not need to conform with what society, media, or anyone tells you. Find what you love and enjoy it.


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