Reading project: CBC’s 100 novels

Did you know that CBC is more than just a news site? They have a whole section on books and it’s a good resource for Canadian content (books, authors, bookish news, etc.). They host Canada Reads and they have many lists with a plethora of themes. Several of the lists focus on CanLit (Canadian Literature). For example, the 100 Novels That Make You Proud to be Canadian list. It’s a very interesting collection, including a little bit of everything: Essex County (graphic novel), The Handmaid’s Tale, Monkey Beach, and even Bear (yes, the Bear that got a lot of buzz because of its racy bear-ish content).

I’ve only read 11 off the current list, but I’ve been meaning to read more of them. Not all of them – for example, I still haven’t gotten over how much I hated the last Mordecai  Richler book I read (over 20 years ago!), so I’m unlikely to read another.

If I dedicated myself, I could probably get them all read (or, at least started) within a year or so, but I don’t want to let them get in the way of new books or other reading challenges that I’ve given myself. Instead, I’ve decided to create a Goodreads shelf with all of the current titles which will be a quiet reminder to slowly work on it. Every so often, I’ll check the list again, adding (but never removing) new books anytime CBC updates the list. And, if I’m ever feeling super patriotic, I might even dedicate a whole month to reading a few books off the list.

The goal isn’t to finish them all, but to try most of them. As mentioned on this blog many times, I refuse to force my way through a book.


Side note: If you took a peak at the list, you’ll notice that Anne of Green Gables is missing. For some, this omission is sacrilege. But, fear not, they included it on their YA list, 100 Young Adult Books That Make You Proud to be Canadian.


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