Get a hold of my shelf update

I had been including my #getaholdofyourshelf updates in my monthly updates, but I’ve decided to do a separate post so that my reading updates aren’t quite so long.

First, let’s do a recap. I started this to-be-read (TBR) shelf challenge in February. It’s created and hosted by Getting Drunk by My Shelf. I always pick two books. I added a few extras (bonuses, if you will) that require me to listen to an already-own audiobook as well as picking books from my physical TBR shelf.

So far, it has not been entirely successful. In February, I was trying to plow through a bunch of library books before I got started on the Canada Reads books (I’d decided to try to read them all this year). I also started this challenge mid-month. My challenge was prettiest books, which included Defiant Spirits, one of the longest books on my shelf.

In March, I was trying to get through all the Canada Reads books and, of course, picked the worse possible challenge: longest books.

  • Pulled: Defiant Spirits and Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales
  • Read: Neither, but I read enough of Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales to claim that I made an effort, so it’s not going back on the shelf

When I realized I was going to struggle with the longest books, I decided that I needed to make some rules about what counts as read/attempted and when I would have to call it a fail and return it to the shelf. I decided that books didn’t have to go back on the TBR shelf if I made a concerted effort to read the book (ex: read about 10%) and I was committed to keep working at it (ex: finish it before I start the next month’s books or keep picking away at it slowly but surely). That last one may sound like a cop-out, but I’m a slow reader and some books are suited for long term efforts. Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales, for example, is exactly the kind of book that you could linger over for months. You can sit and read it all in one go, if you like, but it’s a large collection of small things that can easily be picked up in-between other things. I only read about 7% of the book by the end of the month, but I’m calling that good enough because I intend to keep working on it until it’s done.

For April, I was really hoping for shortest books, so that I could play catch-up and read at least 50% of Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales. But, that’s not what I picked.

April challenge: The books I was most excited about when I bought them.

This one was surprisingly difficult. I knew one of my picks immediately, but I spent a good 20 minutes debating over my second. In the end, I pulled:

I’m fairly confident that I can get through these two books this month, despite the fact that I’m losing a week to a family visit, which won’t allow for much time to read.

Meanwhile, I just added 6 books to my TBR shelf. Ha ha ha … sigh.


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