Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have

This week’s T5W (Top 5 Wednesday) is fictional careers, which I had a hard time with because most of the fictional careers I could think of weren’t ones that I wanted (warrior, professor at Hogwarts, etc.). There were also a lot on my list that weren’t really jobs.  A good example is the Winter King in The Bear and The Nightingale. One could argue that his career is being the king of winter, but it’s not like he applied for the job.

Too bad! I liked the sounds of that gig. He lived in the world of winter, he had some dominion over dreams (at least enough to keep out nightmares), he had a fantastic horse, and he wasn’t evil (not as diplomatic as we humans would like in a powerful god-like being, but not evil).

Anyhoo, these are the fictional careers I would (maybe) like to have (in no particular order):

  1. Wind

Honestly, I don’t really remember exactly what the winds from the Fairyland series did, but they had big cats, flew around, and sounded cool (maybe a bit haughty, but still cool). And, while you can’t apply for the job, you can earn the job (example, for one wind, you have to steal something from whoever is currently that wind).

  1. Dragon rider (Dragonsong, etc.)

This is one of those careers that sounds cool, but I’m not really sure that I want it because, damn, it’s a bit scary and dangerous.

Do you remember Dragonsong? It’s been ages since I read it. The book is set in a world where deadly “threads” fall from the sky every two hundred years. Intelligent fire breathing dragons and their riders destroy the threads. The riders have a telepathic bond with their dragons, which is kind of cool, until your dragon dies.

Despite the danger, it sounds like a pretty good career: you have a lifelong friend who happens to be a dragon, you get to fly, you’re well fed … what’s not to love?

Oh, right, the danger part.

  1. Librarian

I’m a librarian in real life. I don’t work in a library and I don’t like people enough to work in the library, but there are some fictional versions of librarian that I would adore – specifically, the ones where you spend more time with books that with people. Or, the one where you were accidentally turned into an orangutan (see: Discworld).

I do love the idea of being a librarian surrounded by magic books or books that are alive (see the delightful kids book The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore). I would, of course, have a proper digital catalogue for serious research, but still use an old school card catalogue and checkout cards. Oo, and overdue notices reminiscent of the Howler mail in Harry Potter.

Has anyone invented that sort of library yet? No? Shame.

Of course, the best option is just to be a library. Or, how about a Wyvarian, like A-to-L in the Fairyland series. Part library and part wyvern (dragon)? Yes, please.

  1. Ranger (Wildwood Chronicles)

I’m not sure this really counts as a “job,” nor as something that I really want to be (it seems a bit dangerous, and I don’t like danger). But, I love the idea of being brave and resourceful. Also, the head ranger in Wildwood had a cool jacket. And, they lived in forest, which is kind of cool.

  1. Witch

This one was a surprise to me. I was thinking about all the jobs in books I’ve recently read. Witch popped into my head because of The Witches of New York. I dismissed the idea immediately, but had to admit to myself that I loved the idea of having a grimoire (book of spells and knowledge). Then, I remembered Tiffany Aching (Discworld). I wouldn’t say no to being the next Nanny Ogg or Tiffany Aching. They were the kind of witches that I can get behind – a bit of magic, a bit of knowledge, and a healthy dose of respect, when people aren’t being stupid and scared. Also, who doesn’t want to live on a turtle that’s flying through space?!

Though, again, I’m not sure this is a job – Tiffany, Eleanor (The Witches of New York), and countless other fictitious witches are born with special abilities. So, I guess I need to settle for the modern day witch – a wise woman who happens to know a tonne of herb lore and has a cool grimoire.


I’m interested to see what others have included in their list. Perhaps they were braver than me and decided that they wanted to be great warriors, aurors, and whathaveyou.

Do you know of any cool fictional jobs I should consider?


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