My weekend in books

This weekend was quite bookish. More so than usual.

I went to the library book sale (cheap books with the proceeds supporting library programs). I had two things on my wish list: travel books and Heather O’Neill books. I knew the latter was an very unlikely. She’s popular and the book sale is popular, so what hope did I have of finding any of her books, much less one I hadn’t yet read.

I weaved my way to the general fiction section. I was going to place myself strategically at the start of the section and make my way around, but an opening appeared and I stepped in. Guess what was right there in front of me! Heather O’Neill’s The Girl Who was Saturday Night in hardback! It’s in pristine condition; it doesn’t even look read, so it’s clearly something that was donated to the library and not actually in the library collection. Talk about lucky!

I also ended up picking up:

  • Song of Solomon – because I’ve been meaning to read more Toni Morrison
  • The Slow Waltz of Turtles– because the cover is gorgeous, it’s set in Paris and sounded interesting enough
  • Amphibian– because I had it on my want-to-read list ages ago and it still sounds intriguing

Library book sale haul

I then wandered over to the tiny travel section. Did you know that libraries don’t usually keep old travel books? I’m told that “current plus one year older” is typically all they want. I gave the book I had for my trip to Paris away because .. I don’t know. I’m an idiot, I guess! I want to go back in a year or two, so I’ve been thinking about Paris a lot, hence buying The Slow Waltz of Turtles. Instead of succumbing to buying an expensive current travel guide that will be out of date by the time I go, I thought I should check to see if I can find a cheap one. Lucky me, I ended up walking away with 4 travel books: Paris (2), Great Britain, and London.

All those books cost me $9 ($1 per paperback and $2 per hardcover). Not bad!

After that, I scored a book at Wee Book Inn, a used book store just a few blocks from the library. I hadn’t planned on going there, but I was walking past and always check out what’s in the window. I’d just borrowed The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay from the library, but there it was in the window for only $11. I’d wanted to buy the book, but couldn’t quite justify $20+ for a new one because I’m not yet sure if I love or just like McKay’s writing. It’s got some water damage to some of the pages, but not enough to ruin my reading experience, so I grabbed it.

The Virgin Cure

Once settled at home, I started my next reading project: to read the rest of the Canada Reads contenders. I’ve already read The Break (last month) and Fifteen Dogs (last year), so I only have three books to go. I don’t usually read all of them and I often struggle to read even one of them, much less read them on time. I don’t know if I’ll make it through all of them before the end of March (when the event happens), but I’m going to try.

I started with Nostalgia because it was at the top of the pile. I’ve only read a couple chapters,  but it’s quite interesting, so far.

Lastly, I decided to do my #getaholdofyourshelf draw, and , dammit, I drew the longest book. I may weep. I’d just put Defiant Spirits back on my to-be-read (tbr) shelf because there was no way I was going to get it done before the end of the month (especially not if I want to make the Canada Reads books a priority). You may remember that February’s pick was prettiest book. I pulled two books (which I will continue to do, in hopes that I may, eventually, be able to read 2 tbr books in a month): Defiant Spirits and Witness, I am. I did finish Witness, I am and will discuss it in my upcoming reading update (on Friday).

Meanwhile, Defiant Spirits is one of my longest books. Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales is a wee bit longer, so I’ll start with it. But, I doubt I’ll finish either of them. Hopefully April’s challenge will be much easier, so I can catch up on my reading.

The longest books

Despite all these books, I didn’t actually read much. But, I did write two book reviews, which I’ll share soon-ish. I also worked on a couple of other book related blog posts (Top 5 Wednesday’s and such). And, I did some chores – life can’t be all books all the time!

I hope you had a bookish weekend, too.



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