From YouTube: How to use Bookshops

In How to use Bookshops, Jen Campbell talks about using bookshops and how to get the most out of your visits. In the first few minutes, she’s essentially saying what I feel about bookshops (and libraries) – buying online is great if you know what your looking for, but bookshops (and libraries) are perfect when you want to find something new. Yes, it can feel overwhelming to walk into a huge store with a million options, but as pointed out, a bookshop is meant to be “…a space to get lost in, to be overwhelmed in.

Having worked in the bookshop industry for several years, she’s able to offer a lot of good advice about how to get the most out of bookshops (getting advice, etc.) and how to tell the difference between marketed and vetted book displays (i.e., what’s paid advertisement space and what’s space for real recommendations from staff, reviewers, etc.).


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