Reading update, May 2016

I started this month off with some kids books, because why the heck not :) (Seriously, though, I’m going to be a sad auntie when the niblings are no longer young enough to appreciate picture books).

The pictures books that I read:

Giant Days (issue 12) – Still enjoying this series of comics immensely.

New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks – A good, matter-of-fact approach to decluttering, productivity, and practicing your art(s). Wolf even includes a chapter about the importance of collaborating with your community (musicians, etc.) and how to approach people. Her writing isn’t as inspirational as Marie Kondo’s first book, but it’s easy, friendly, and encouraging. I will definitely be adding this to my bookshelf.

SuperMutant Magic Academy: Some of the comics (especially at the beginning) are a bit rough, but it’s full of fun and imaginative ideas. Also, it’s really great watching an artist’s work improve over time. Jillian Tamaki is the illustrator of This One Summer (which I read at the end of last month). I really like her work.

Happier at Home: I don’t even know why I picked this – it sounded schmultsy and uber self-helpy. I was suprised by how much I enjoyed it, especially all of the really interesting things she had to say about simplicity and being your own self (versus finding happiness through someone else’s idea of happy/good).

The Art of Racing in the Rain: I had to power through some sections of this book. It was good and the main character was fairly unique (a dog), but I really, really hated the family drama (the in-laws were assholes, essentially).

The Art of Asking: When this book first came out, I was mildly interested, but not sold on the description. Bridgeen recommended it in a recent post, and I’m really glad I decided to read this. It’s raw, beautiful, and fascinating. The 7th (of 101, so far) thing I’ve rated with 5 stars this year. I highly recommend this if you are an artist, someone who struggles with asking for things, or simply interested in autobiographies.

The Apothecary (first in a series): I really wanted to love this. It’s a great kids adventure with magic and mystery. I just couldn’t get into it and I got a bit bored with it.


I really slowed down at the end of the month. I’m still working on a few long books, but I only read about a chapter or two a week, so I’m not making much progress.

I’m super busy in June, so I don’t expect to read much (except maybe a million kids books). I also have a few art books I haven’t even opened, yet. So, I expect the next update to be pretty pathetic. :)




  1. I appreciate the picture book reviews. I bought Beyond the Pond because I liked the cover but me and the kids found it boring too. Disappointing as I don’t buy that many kids books, wet use the library a ton!

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