One month

It’s amazing how much of a different one month can make. Early April, we had a tiny bit of snow and the plants were only just starting to grow in the sunnier places.

We had a bit of snow last night, but I suspect it's all gone now (this was taken 3+ hours ago).

This week, all the trees and bushes were in full bloom or getting ready to burst.


This is one of the reasons I love spring. It’s not just the flowers and the perfumed air – it’s the transition. From brown to green with hints of white and yellow and pink.

Perhaps my assessment of the beginning colour is a bit unfair. There are 50 shades of brown with hints of brick red and several greys. It’s actually quite lovely. You can see the backbone of the landscape – the trees, the slopes, and the no-longer-hidden trails. It’s a thrill to see it all emerge in the fall, but after a long dreary winter, it’s nice to see the green re-emerging.

Right now we’re in the phase where it’s mostly green ground cover and trees full of blossoms, but there are plenty more trees to bloom and plenty more colours to emerge.


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