Paris according to my Instagram account

Five months ago, I flew to Paris with a friend. Four months ago, I wrote a post about my experience. About a week ago, I finally finished going through my pictures. A few days ago, I finally finished labeling, compiling and sharing those pictures.

While I work on a few Paris related posts, here’s what I did in Paris, according to my Instagram account.

Bonjour! We can see the Eiffel tower! 🗼❤🗼
Day 1: The view from the hotel was pretty fantastic when you leaned out a bit
Busy day in Paris, including the Pantheon, Notre-Dame, and this amazing street-side veggie quiche that was SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!?
Day 2: Best quiche I have ever had
Sainte-Chapelle was stunning.
Day 2: Sainte Chapelle
After deciding we weren't that interested in the museums in the Hotel des Invalides, we stopped by the Eiffel Tower just to see it. This was taken a free minutes before an epic rain and wind storm that had us cowering under a shelter with a dozen other to
Day 2: Mere moments before a torrential downpour
Today we went to the Catacombs and Sacre-Coeur, which was (in my opinion) far more beautiful than Notre Dame. Unfortunately, I'm too inclined to follow rules and I saw a "no pictures" sign just as we walked in, so I didn't take any pictures of the inside.
Day 3: Sacré-Cœur Basilica, which is absolutely gorgeous on the inside
We spent ALL DAY at the Louvre, leaving only because my feet weren't having it anymore. We saw all the popular things, a few of my favourites, and I discovered some new favourites, like this: (detail of) Route de Grimsel, Canton de Bermé, a.k.a. Un orage
Day 4: The Louvre (detail of Route de Grimsel, Canton de Bermé, a.k.a. Un orage)
The only throne room on France with it's original furniture. N for Napoleon, of course. Fountainbleu was quite impressive and had some fabulous rooms.
Day 5: Château de Fontainebleau
When in Paris, visit a famous grave at Pere Lachaise. This is Chopin's, who's fans are classy and leave roses. We also saw Morrison's (super messy and covered in crap from fans), and Wilde's (covered in lipstick kisses). Mostly, we wandered around admirin
Day 6: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise (Chopin’s fans leave the loveliest tributes – all neatly placed flowers)
Château de Vicennes. Please note the people in the bottom right corner - they are dressed in period costume because a documentary was being filmed in the castle and church. I've decided that I'm a castle person. I love visiting them and take a ridiculous
Day 6: Château de Vincennes
One of two libraries we visited on the city hall (Hotel de Ville). We also saw the mayor's office and got to learn about some of the many trades the help maintain and preserve the building (it's their heritage weekend and they opened more of the building
Day 7: One of the Hôtel de Ville libraries
We had authentic ( and DELICIOUS) falafels from a place called Mi Va Mi.
Day 7: Best falafel ever!
Chantilly ❤🏰❤ This time we got audio guides. I highly recommend audio guides.
Day 8: Château de Chantilly
This is what happens when someone feeds you Chantilly creme (a thick, creamy whooped cream that had subtle hints of cream cheese and the perfect amount of sweetness). Or was divine!
Day 8: Chantilly cream covered desert
This pouch! It might be my favourite souvenir. It's the perfect size for my journal, Kobo, a few pens and some odds and ends. I have a few bum joints which haven't really recovered from the Louvre last week, so I'm taking the day off while my friend revi
Day 9: Rest Day (I took my books and sat in the hotel’s patio area)
I went somewhere. I bought some things. I now have an art print from a Parisian artist (the owner of the shop I was in, if I understood his friend correctly) and this cool little card, which I will frame as well. The print is an 11x17 piece with 3 image
Day 10: Art and a card from Mélodies Graphiques (thanks some recommendation from Holly)
I do love a good garden. This is at the Jardins des Plantes. Next time, I'd like to go to the botanical museum (it was closed today).
Day 10: Jardin des Plantes
Spent part of the morning hanging out on the steps below Sacré-Coeur basilica, listening to this harpist. We then headed over to Place du Tertre where I bought a lovely small painting of part of the Cité island (the Conciergerie, etc.). I loved it the mom
Day 11: Hanging out on the steps of Sacré-Cœur Basilica before heading over to Place du Tertre
We spent much of the afternoon people watching at Jardins du Luxembourg. Then we wandered up to the Seine to people watch on a bridge. Basically, we watched people all day.
Day 11: Jardin du Luxembourg
The Queen's room in Versailles was my favorite despite being far, far too opulent for me. It has a lot of very pretty stitched work.
Day 12: Château de Versailles
The fountains were turned off at Versailles (I think it was because of the high winds), but I still love this one.
Day 12: Château de Versailles
Musée d'Orsay ❤💛❤💛❤ Guess who got to see one of her favourite van Gogh's live and in person!?!
Day 13: Musée d’Orsay (so, so much love for this place)
I spent more money at Musée d'Orsay than I did anywhere else. That's a van Gogh canvas bag at the top 😍
Day 13: Musée d’Orsay souvenirs (most of which were for me)

We left early on Day 14.

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