Feeling temporary

From 2002 to 2010 I moved 12 times. As of October 1st, 2015, I’ve been living in my current place for 5 years. And, yet, I still feel like I’m just a few months away from a move.

Clearly, all those moves left a lasting mark, because I still think like a temporary resident. For 5 years, I’ve been annoyed with little things that I could easily fix if only I could convince myself that it was worth while. For example, the crappy paint job. It would take me a while, but I could easily repaint the whole apartment (even the dreaded popcorn ceilings), but in the back of my head, a little voice keeps saying , “But, what if you move next year.” This despite deciding to stay long term when I reviewed my options earlier this year.

It’s amazing how much something as normal as moving around as a student can have a lasting effect on how we live. I still feel like a temporary tenant!

I am going to stay and I’ll continue to work on making my apartment a home, but I don’t know if those nagging worries about moving will go away anytime soon.


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  1. I moved probably just as many times as you. I currently feel in limbo because I know a move is coming soon I just don’t know when. My boyfriend has to ask!

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