Giving Tuesday

After a glut of shopping over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, why not throw a little love to charities to kick start the giving season?

That’s the idea behind Giving Tuesday. Whether your heart weeps for refugees, the environment, kittens, or that crumbling historic site you remember visiting with your grandparents when you were 5, today is as good as any day to show a little support. Here are some options:

  • Donate money. Whether it’s a few bucks or a hefty sum, every bit counts. You can donate money directly to the charity, via workplace funding drives, or through online tools like Canada Helps (I use this and love having my tax receipts in one easy to access location AND I don’t have to give the charity my mailing address).
  • Donate time. Weekly time helping with administrative work, the occasional day doing field work, or checking with the elder two doors down every now and then. Every bit  counts.
  • Donate goods. Food, clothes, or even old towels (many animal shelters use old towels and blankets).
  • Promote your favourite cause/organizations. This can be as simple as sharing why you support a cause with your Facebook friends (don’t just share a post about them, tell your friends why it’s important to you specifically).

If you want to make the biggest impact, monthly donations of money or time are the best. This helps the charity work consistently all year round, and not just when people are focused on seasonal giving.




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