When I did my first gratitude list in August, I only meant to do the one. I was feeling a bit grumpy that day and wanted to remind myself of the good things in life. But, this is my third list, so maybe it’s becoming a semi regular thing.

Here are a free things that I’ve been grateful for in recent weeks:

  • Vacation! I always like a good vacation. As a bonus, I went to Paris.
  • Quiche.
  • Chocolat Viennois (a delicious, bitter hot chocolate).
  • I saw two wonderful van Gogh paintings at the Musée d’Orsay. One, La Siesta, was already a favourite because I love the colours and composition. The other, a self portrait from 1889, proved to be very impressive in person and more interesting than expected (it’s now on my list of favourites).
  • One of my favourite vendors at the downtown farmer’s market remembered me. We were chatting and I mentioned having been on vacation. She had noticed that I hadn’t been by for a couple of weeks. It’s a little thing, but it’s nice to be remembered on occasion.
  • Agatha Christie’s Poirot. I’ve been watching a bit too much Netflix because of it. But it amuses me and love a good mystery. Bonus points, the season I’m currently watching is very Art Deco.
  • Autumn. The trees are already bare (leaves don’t last long in Edmonton, once they start to change colour), but I love the weather: cool, but gloriously sunny.
  • Jam with cottage cheese on toast.
  • The half hour of gloriously warm mid-morning sun on my back in the office.
  • Confederate pears (a variety sold by my favourite fruit vendor at the market).
  • Silly postcards and Nova Scotia humour.

I've added a couple postcards to my cubical wall. Paris and Nova Scotia have very different ideas for attracting tourists. Ha!


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