I’m on vacation, but, before I left, I thought you might like a mini mental vacation of your own. According to science, getting out in nature is good for you. It’s relaxing, it improves your concentration, etc. According to science, sometimes you can improve your mood just by looking at pictures of nature and concentrating on them (exploring what’s in the scene, imaging yourself in the scene, etc.).

Here’s a picture of a quiet trail. Imaging yourself there.

The air is cool and damp, but you’re cozy in a fall sweater. Maybe a favourite scarf.

Hear the hushed sounds of a misty morning. TheĀ birds are still and quiet.

Take a deep breath. Feel the fresh air in your lungs. Smell the damp earth around you.

Take a moment to look up. See the green and golden leaves. Watch as one falls to the ground.

Imagine where the trail might lead. A quiet river. A large meadow. A deep forest. Take yourself there. Have a few moments to yourself in your space. And, have a wonderful day.

Trees and trails


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