You know how little things can start to grate you your nerves? Not getting enough sleep, weather that’s not ideal (too cold, too hot, whatever annoys you most), people not respecting your time even you you’re the one doing them a favour, plants that decide to die for no apparent reason, etc. I used to take this all straight to Facebook, but I’ve been trying to be a bit more selective about when I whine to my friends. Instead, I tend to just rant to my journal as much as needed (one swift curse-filled sentence or a multi-page rant about how the world is out to get me – whatever I need to avoid going to bed angry).

On my walk to work, which happens to be a great time to mull things over, I realized that I was a bit grumpy again. But, then two cyclists were nice to me and it got me thinking about things that I really appreciated this past week or so. I decided to make a little bit gratitude list to get this week started on the right foot.

Things I have been grateful for:

  1. The two cyclists mentioned above. They didn’t just warn me that they were coming up on my left (standard practice if you want a pedestrian to move out of the way), they let me know that there were two of them and they both thanked me for moving to the side as they zoomed by. A lot of cyclists don’t warn you, much less thank you, so that was nice.
  2. Last week two tiny chipmunks scurried along a fence next to me for a couple of meters. Most of the time, they try to hide, so it was nice to have a couple stay out long enough for me to admire them. Damn they’re cute!
  3. The weather has cooled off significantly since last weeks heat wave. In fact, it was quite chilly this morning. It’s meant that I can keep my windows mostly closed at night, which makes it quieter. I slept really well on Friday night.
  4. There was something about the sun and the dew this morning. It just made everything look extra pretty.
  5. I bought new handmade soap this weekend and it’s delightful (creamy, lightly scented perfection).
  6. One of my favourite market vendors cut the tops off beets for me (I don’t like to waste food and don’t like beet greens) and then charged me less even though I made him work for the sale. I would have bought them regardless, and I appreciated him being so accommodating.
  7. Also, those beets are pretty (golden beets and peppermint beets, which are red and white striped on the inside).
  8. Roasted veggies. They are so yummy.
  9. Reading in green spaces. I did it several times on the way home yesterday (in an effort to cool off a bit) and it was delightful. I think I’ll try to do it more often, even if it’s just a short break.
  10. New books. It’s possible that I bought a couple new ebooks last week, despite having more than enough. Bonus points: I had coupons.
  11. Seeing the Tiny Home movement and small space living migrate into Edmonton. Last year it was talk of a small apartment development and now a woman is sharing her plan to move into a tiny home. It gives me hope that there really is a growing movement of people wanting to live in smaller spaces, which means that I might be able to find my dream home in this space-glutton city. If anyone starts a Tiny Home community in Edmonton, I will be very excited.
  12. It’s almost the right time of year for me to remove the sun blocking panels from my windows. That means my apartment will be lighter, even on over cast days.

There are many more things, but these were the things that stood out for me.

I hope you’re all having a great week with lots of things to be cheerful about.


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