Guys, it’s been really hot here this week

Yesterday morning nearly did me in. By the time I got to work, I was drenched with sweat and it took me at least 30 minutes to cool off. Granted, I did decide to take the long, hilly way (better to get my walking mostly done in the morning while it’s still “cool”).

How people live in more southern locations, I do not know. There would be no end to my whining and whimpering. I’m clearly built for cooler weather.

I can’t wait for autumn. Hell, today I’d take winter.

Anyway, I’m too hot to write a real blog post, so here are a couple of pictures I’ve taken while taking a break on my walk to/from work in the desperate hope that I might cool off a bit in the shade (nope, I just got bitten by mosquitoes).

It's hot out. Even in the shade.

It was too hot to take the trail on the way home today, so I made a pitstop in an often ignored corner of the #constableeziofaraonepark in #yegoliver

Here’s a few bonus pictures from last week, which wasn’t quite so hot.


It's a beautiful day!

It's a beautiful day!


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