Peace Garden Park

When I first moved to Edmonton, I lived in a wee bachelor in Oliver Community just around the corner from what is now the Peace Garden Park. At the time, it was just a rough asphalt lot that looked liked it hadn’t been maintained in years, but, they’d already started working on planning a new community garden in the community. By the time I returned to the community, it was already built and in use (there’s a picture of it from 2011 on this page). Several years later, and it’s thriving. It’s brimming with flowers and veggies, nowadays. You can walk around the gardens, enjoy a break on the benches in the middle, play on the surrounding grass, or even have a break at the tables they leave out by the shed. And, it’s built for everyone in the community – it even includes some hip-height raised beds for people who have mobility issues (example, if they’re in a wheel chair or arthritic).

Poppies and daisies
Squash flower?
Purple flowers

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