River valley trail

When I was going to the gym all the time (last year), the one thing that I really regretted was not being able to find the time to hit the river valley trails each day (read: not prioritizing things correctly). At the time, it made sense to focus on fitness, i.e. the gym. In retrospect, that was probably part of why I got fed up with it. I need nature and I really missed the wee trail close to my apartment. I missed watching things grow in the spring. I missed being the only one brave enough to wander along it in the rain. I missed trudging through the snow. I missed the pretty views.

Of course, I then injured myself, which meant that the hills (up and down) were a problem for me.  Sigh. I was doomed to 6 months of always having to be on crowded, busy, noisy, dirty city streets.

This week, I was restless, tired and grumpy about the heat. I needed a break. So, I decided to leave for work a bit early one day and hit the trail. I hoped that the quiet would help me start the day on a more relaxed note. Luck was on my side that day – the trail was empty, except for song birds and one wee rabbit.


It was so nice to feel like I was starting the day in nature and with bird song, instead of on a busy and noisy street. I miss it, I missed it when I started going to the gym all the time, and I don’t know why I ever thought giving that time to a stuffy gym was a good idea. I thrive on quiet and (at least on occasion) solitude. I live for flowers and bird song. I feel happier when I have a chance to reconnect with nature. And, I love being able to cut through the Legislature Grounds. Yes, my injury was an issue for a while, but my knee seems to have healed and strengthened enough to manage the trail at least once a day. I’ll work my way back to twice daily and then start taking longer routes and other trails.

Running on a treadmill may have been good for my circulatory system, but this is what’s good for my heart.

And, for the record, it’s equivalent to about 2.5 km and 10 or so flights of stairs, so it’s pretty good for my circulatory system, too!

The quiet path to work



Berries (with bonus ant)

On the way to work

On the way to work

Instead of a managed garden, one office building is opting for wildflowers. This isn't one of the better beds, but it's still lovely.
Bonus picture: There’s a building near the Legislature Grounds that seems to have opted for wildflowers in their rocky flowers beds. It’s quite beautiful. This picture is from one of the least impressive sections, and I still love it.

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