I basically quit my feminist selfie project by default. I just can’t seem to make myself stick with taking regular pictures of myself. It’s so boring. I should have known this would happen. I’ve never been particularly interested in taking pictures of people (I’m not even very good at taking pictures of my much loved niece and nephew). So, the few times I do think to take a picture of something other than my hair, I’m bored or trying to be goofy just to make it seem less boring.

Ah well, I guess we can’t all be into selfies :)

Here’s a few of the more “recent” ones and a few bonus hair pics (because I like pretty colours!). You can see the 80 or so I managed on Flickr.

Sometimes you need to take a silly pictures of yourself 😎

This is my angry "duck face" look. 🐙  It's too bad you can't see the variety of colour in my hair a little better. I've got everything ranging from blue-green to purple-pink. It's pretty fantastic!

This is my "you displease me" look - my hair is too long and very annoying in this windy, dry weather. So, I'm having some of today. #feministselfie

Blue hair! I was toured of the pink, so I asked for a surprise.  I love blue!

My hair is so beautiful! Thanks to the always lovely @evakhoury who did an amazing job! You should all go to her for all your hair needs, even if you aren't ready to add a splash of colour. #vividimagestudio #yeg


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