Banff and geocaching

I love Banff. It’s beautiful. I never get tired of visiting. One of the highlights of my Easter weekend (so long ago, I know!) was to visiting Banff. Twice!

The first time we went, we started the day at Cave and Basin, which is always an great place to stop because it’s cool and it’s free if you happen to have a park pass (which we did).

Cave and Basin is a cave and a basin (I bet you weren’t expecting that!). The cave is home to a small geothermic pool, and the basin is a stinky geothermic pool above ground, which is home to a snail that isn’t found anywhere else. Cave and Basin fostered the idea of preserving special places as national parks and preserved sites which people could visit. Canada now has a decent network of national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas (though, considering how big we are, I can’t help but think that we could be preserving even more).

Cave and Basin, Banff, Alberta

After that, lunched in a Southern food restaurant (which reminded me of my trip to Tennessee last fall, sigh), we drove around the back roads, making a few quick stops to do some relatively easy geocaching. It was my first time, sort of. I tried it the hard way a few times several years ago, but my lack of patience with re-learning map skills combined with my shyness which manifests itself by making me super self conscious about rummaging around in the brush meant that all I was really doing was wandering around near where I thought their might be a cache. So, I like to think of this as my first geocaching. It was fun and I really want to do it some more, but I really wish I had my niece and nephew were around to join me. It would be a lot of fun to take them (though, maybe the nephew’s still a bit young to appreciate it).

Geocaching in the mountains

Of course, my favourite part was just being able to wander around in pretty areas. Seriously! Is this not gorgeous!?

Geocaching in the mountains
Geocaching in the mountains

The next day we went back up to visit a friend who was staying in the Fairmount Banff Springs Hotel, which is a pretty snazzy hotel!

We visited the Fairmount #Banff Springs today. It's a beautiful hotel, even on a dreary day.

And, of course, we made a pitstop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate for some of their delicious fudge and tiger butter … which I chopped up and froze as soon as I got home so that it will last me until my next visit to Banff.

While in #Banff this weekend, I bought some tiger butter, maple fudge, and butterscotch fudge from #mountainchocolates . The tiger butter is best when fresh, but it's still pretty fantastic if frozen, so I'm cutting them all into bite sized pieces to free

If you’re ever given the chance to visit the rockies, go. The mountains are amazing!

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