Washi tape swatch book

While browsing Pinterest (something I do far too often), I noticed a washi tape swatch book.  I’ve seen a lot of ideas for keeping swatches of washi tape (taking pictures, using paper tags, etc.) and lots of advice about keeping track of washi tape (including cataloging brand, style, source, etc. … not something I’ll even do). I want something simple and compact with no extra details. I’m not interested in keeping track of them for historic purposes. I just like the idea of photo albums and keep collections of all kinds of things (decor ideas from pictures, colour charts of my art supplies, etc.). Washi tape is lovely and some of the ones I’ve purchased recently are quite inspirational, including a tapestry style tape and a floral tape that I recently used to decorate some pencils. So, I pulled out a lovely small notebook decorated with Helen Dardik art and got to work. I don’t have much washi tape at this point (and most of it was purchased in the last few months, after discovering Omiyage, an online Canadian shop with lots of washi tape and magnificent tape dispensers).

Washi tape swatch book
I even used a bit of washi tape to label the book.


Washi tape swatches
Most of my collection. The bottom two are from Christmas collections that I keep with my Christmas decorations and cards.


Washi tape swatches
The top one isn’t actually washi tape. It’s decoration tape … think white out tape, but transparent and decorative.


Washi tape swatches
Best washi tape ever! I had to use a whole page because I wanted a sample of each cat and rabbit. It’s “Dream Cats & Rabbits”



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