Pencils decorated with washi tape

Right before Christmas, I found a great little online Canadian shop that specializes in washi tape and other cute stationary things (cards, stickers, paper, etc.), Omiyage. Needless to say, I bought some washi tape. And, then some more.

A couple of days ago, she shared a cute DIY project: washi tape covered pencils. I don’t tend to have many pencils laying around, but I do have some lovely Palomino pencils (allegedly one of if not the best pencil ever … though, I’m rather partial to my Provincial Archives of Alberta pencil, because I like a slightly harder lead). They are plain, pearly white. I decided to make them a little prettier.

The blue tape is a few millimetres too narrow, so there’s a thin strip of uncovered pencil on one side. The floral washi tape is too wide, so there’s about a centimetre of over lap. It looks fine, but it was messy to sharpen, so I redid it with a piece cut to be a little more narrow.

Washi tape + pencils = pretty!

Speaking of sharpening, it is a little hit and miss, but if you have a good quality sharpener, the washi tape is fairly well cut without too much hassle (my only caution would be to use a manual sharpener instead of an electric one and pick the sticky pieces out of your sharpener on occasion).

Washi tape + pencils in progress

I decided to do my last Palomino because it looked sad and boring next to the others, but I didn’t have any other wide washi tape. So, I used two different narrow tapes. I put the lighter coloured one on first because I knew that the darker one would show through it and look odd. As with the other pencils, I simply lined up the edge of the washi tape to one of the hexagon edges and slowly smoothed the tape over the hexagon edges as I made my way around the pencil. I overlapped the darker washi tape and repeated the same process.

Et, voila!

Washi tape + pencils = pretty!
Washi tape + pencils = pretty!

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