On keeping a diary, or two

I’ve always loved the idea of keeping a diary, but I’ve always been really bad at it. I’d lose interest, then furiously write an epic multi-page entry because someone/thing had pissed me off, then I’d be annoyed with how negative everything was and quit until the next time I thought I should try again.

Well, I finally found a good system for me.

I have two diaries and a journal:

1. A 5 year Q&A a day journal

This is what started it all. I’ve seen the One Line A Day diaries, but I always figured it would fail just like all the other diaries I’ve tried to keep because I wouldn’t have anything to say. But, this one asks me questions (random things like what I hate, what’s the oldest article of clothing I wore that day, am I holding a grunge, etc.). It’s kind of fun and I think it will be interesting to see my answers each year.

My two diaries

2. A pretty agenda (the kind you’d use to keep track of appointments and such)

I don’t know what prompted me to buy this. For years, I would buy these, use them for a month and then revert back to using my digital calendar, so 2 years ago I decided that I needed to stop buying them. But, I have one. After buying the Q&A a day book, I realized that I could use this to expand on my answer or jot some thoughts about the day. So far, I’ve been consistently writing about the day. Some of the entries are pretty short, but a couple are squeezed into the allotted space and threatening to spill over to the next day.

I'm using a pretty agenda as a diary

3. An unlined Moleskin journal (yes, I got the Hobbit edition – I like the picture of Smaug)

This is for days when I have a lot to say. I’m trying really hard to use it for a bit of everything (brain storming décor or project ideas, dreaming about upcoming vacations, etc.) so it doesn’t become a depressing collection of all the things and people that have annoyed me. So far, I’ve only bitched about people twice. The other pages are filling up with rough sketches, random notes, and ideas for making my apartment beautiful and marvelous.

I don’t write in the last one very often (about once a week, on average) and sometimes it’s pretty short. The other two I use as part of my bedtime routine. Combined, the three are proving to be a pretty good system. I’m sure there will be days when I skip them, but as there isn’t pressure to write an epic entry each night, it’s pretty easy to stay on course.



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