Cushions for my living room

I have a couple pretty cushions on my sofa. When everything is tidy, it looks really nice.

My livingroom - pillows

But, this is what it usually looks like:

My livingroom - pillows

I like to get cozy on my sofa, and those cushions aren’t quite enough to protect me from the hard edges of the sofa’s arm. I pull the back cushions around and pile up the pillows to get comfortable.

Last week, I bought some lovely Euro cushions that I had intended to use for my bedroom. Like everything else I bought for my bedroom, I ended up deciding to use them elsewhere.

My livingroom - pillows

They’re very cushy, so they’re perfect for when I want to snuggle up on my sofa. And, it’s not nearly as disruptive when I move things around because the back cushions stay in place.

My livingroom - pillows

Of course, then I decided to move some things around. I decided that the pink and green cushion cover looked fantastic on the blue chair, so I swapped things around. I then remembered that I have some beautiful canvas fabric from Eloise Renouf’s Bark & Branch fabric collection. It’s going to be gorgeous. In fact, I love it so much, I’m thinking about painting my dining table more or less the same colour.

I accidentally have the perfect fabric to cover my Euro cushions (and, must enough yardage). ❤

And, though it’s not a cushion, I thought I’d also share what I’m going to do to cover my ironing table with. Right now, it’s blah and dirty. I had considered putting it away in a closet, but I’m trying to be honest with how I use my space, and I use my ironing board enough to want it to have a permanent space in the in the living room. So, I wanted to find a fun, vibrant fabric that would look nice beside the chair and the table (which is a few feet behind the chair). The fabric I choose is Animalia Splendor from the Safari Moon collection by Frances Newcombe.

Testing fabrics for a new ironing board cover

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