I bought a new chair

I bought a new chair. A nice chair. One that cost more than $50 (I’m thinking of you, Poang chair that was on sale, not as comfy as expected, and not missed in the slightest). It’s blue. A dark, rich, velvety blue. I’m so in love with it!

Several months ago, I saw a beautiful teal, high-back chair online. I fell in love and after weeks of thinking about it and dreaming about how beautiful it would look in my bedroom, I finally headed off the store, Henry’s Purveyor of Fine Things, to inquire about it. Seeing it in person made me love it more, but sitting in it was a huge let down. It was OK, but not quite right.

I was so disappointed.

Until, I saw the blue chair by the sunny window.

Suddenly, I no longer remembered what it was about the other chair that I loved (ok, so maybe I did – the lovely, deep teal colour – I’m just being a bit dramatic). This chair looked like heaven. It was heaven. I could hardly believe how comfy it was to sit in. I actually got up, wandered around, sat back down in it, and then stayed there for a good 10 minutes. I even loved the throw cushion. So, I bought it.

The chair arrived the night before my birthday, and I set it up in my bedroom. It was going to be my evening reading chair and fancy clothes repository (because, let’s face it, I’m always going to be dumping clothes on any chair in my bedroom).

Less than a week later, I realized that I couldn’t keep it in my bedroom. It’s too beautiful and I’m not a consistent reader in the evening, so I felt like it was being wasted hidden away. I moved it out to my living room, and spent several days trying to figure out how to make it fit without having to move something else to a bad spot. Eventually, I made a tough decision: I don’t have room for a separate sewing table, so that was moved to my dining area, where it will be my sewing/dining/etc. table.

Today's periodic breaks from mind numbing work have been brought to you by the fact that I decided to move a piece of furniture to another room. I find that sketching things out is the best way to work through my ideas.

I used this opportunity to tweak the placement of my rug, which had the surprising effect of making the rug work a little better (it’s very modern compared to my furniture, so it looks a little out of place). Now I have a really nice area that looks pretty nice. I inspired me to start thinking about making a prettier ironing board cover (the ironing board lives against the wall behind the chair).

I've been moving stuff around again: brought my new chair out from the bedroom, shifted my good-enough-for-now rug, and added some Euro cushions (which need covers) to my sofa. The Euro cushions weren't originally meant for my bed, but they're awesome for

The chair has also made me re-consider my ottoman. I bought it when I bought the sofa, but mostly it’s just always been in the way and collected clutter. I rarely use it, and when I do I lament about how a shorter ottoman would be more comfortable to put my feet on or a proper coffee table would be more useful. Also, it’s brown (meh). So, I’m going to get rid of it. Instead, I’m going to get a short ottoman to match the chair. It will be smaller than my current ottoman (by about half), so it won’t steal as much visual or actual real estate. I won’t get a coffee table because I don’t really have the space (my living room is narrow, so the coffee table and desk chair combined would make the room feel too full) and I can clear off my side table if I ever need a bit of space to hold things.

Eventually, I’ll get a nice small table to go next to the chair (something old, petite and round, I think). And, in the next few months, I plan to get:

  • A proper desk: I use a small dining table right now, and it’s really annoying. It doesn’t have enough space and it’s not very nice looking. Though they’re hard to come by, in this laptop-crazy age, I’ve found a desk with two cabinets: one for my computer tower and wifi thingy and one for my sewing machine.
  • Some more shelves: While I don’t have a huge amount of books, I do have a lot of things for arts and crafts, some DVDs, and other odds and ends that I would love to be able to keep out in my main living space. I’m hoping to go from one half sized shelf to two full sized shelves, which would mean being able to keep everything in my living room, including my craft books (currently in the bedroom) and cookbooks (currently in a kitchen cupboard). I may even be able to display some of my pretty things which are currently hiding in my kitchen cupboards.

I won’t get started on the pillow situation (that could be a whole post of it’s own!).

Suffice to say, I’m in love with my chair and thrilled that it has helped move my living room closer to a finished stat.

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