Nashville vacation, part 7

So far: the Old Stone Fort Archaeological State Park, the zoo, down town Nashville, the Opryland Hotel, Centennial Park, Cheekwood, Shelby Bottoms Greenway and East Village. Last, but certainly not least: Long Hunter State Park.

Today, we opted for a big hike. We headed to Long Hunter State Park, which is about an hour outside of Nashville. The park has a number of trails and several parking lots, which, unfortunately, resulted in some confusion. We thought we’d headed in the right direction, but quickly realized that we hadn’t. We double checked the map (which was, unfortunately, not detailed enough) and headed in the other direction … only to end up on the wrong trail again. On the map, it looked like the trail started at the bottom of the parking lot, but it was actually a few metres from the bottom (hidden just enough for us to have missed it). But, we eventually found it and found ourselves on a lovely rough trail that cut through forest and near a lake. We saw a heron almost right away, header lots of birds and had the trail almost completely to ourselves for much of the hike.

The trail was flat and relatively easy, which we had wanted in light of various tired joints and feet between the two of us. It was 4 miles (not quite 6.5km) one way, so 8 miles (not quite 13km) all together. Of course, we had already walked quite a bit trying to find the trail, so by the time we were most of the way back, we both settled into a quiet, persistent pace. By then, my feet were sore and I could feel some blisters starting (even in my best boots, I have a few pain points that tend to blister), but it was still a lovely hike. We saw a few more deer, including some that didn’t seem to be overly startled by us. One even boldly ignored us, munching away on plants, as we stood just a few metres away.

We were pretty tired in the end, but is was a great hike and a great way to end my time in Nashville. Both tired, we just headed home and hung out with the rest of the household, which was also lovely because they’re all really wonderful people whom I adore.

And that was my vacation.

I had a blast and I’m excited by the prospects of visiting again in a few years. We’ve already tentatively decided on another trip in 3-ish years. We’re thinking along the lines of a long weekend of camping. I can’t wait! Especially as I came home to winter. Blah.


I wasn’t kidding when I said I came home to winter:

Came home to winter. Sigh.

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