Nashville vacation, part 4

OK, I’ve covered the Old Stone Fort Archaeological State Park, the zoo, down town Nashville, and the Opryland Hotel. The next day was another work morning for Joanne, but this time the sun was out, so I hitched a ride with her. She works on a university campus near the Centennial Park, so I spent the morning wandering around both. And, in the afternoon, we visited Cheekwood, which will get it’s own post because I’m so in love with it.

The campus was lovely and eerily quiet. Once or twice, I did wonder if there were any students at all, but I think I must have simply been managed to miss any between-classes rushes. It’s not a huge campus, so I didn’t spend much time there. But, I did stop to let myself me amused by the frat houses (we have frat houses in Canada, but I don’t think that they have quite the same degree of popularity and importance as they do in the U.S. – though, maybe that’s just my own opinion peppering my perception).

Centennial Park was quite lovely, through there was some construction and park improvement work being done near the Parthenon. It’s a lovely large park with tonnes of open space and a few lovely features (random sculptures, a pond, and the Parthenon). I quite liked the Parthenon and the fun details, but I didn’t go inside (this was partially because I could find a way in that didn’t seem to be blocked by construction). The pond was also lovely, despite all the gardens being barren (they’d already done the fall clean-up).

After wandering around the park, I made a pit stop in a book store (who doesn’t love a book store … especially when all the park bathrooms were closed for the season), had another meander around the campus, and eventually found a sunny, sheltered bench so that I could sit and read while I waited for Joanne to be finished work. My feet were grateful for the break :)

Parthenon columns

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