Nashville vacation, part 3

So far, I’ve talked about the Old Stone Fort Archaeological State Park, the zoo, and down town Nashville. Next up is the Opryland Hotel.

This was the one bad weather day. It was cold and rainy, so while Joanne headed in to work for the morning, I cuddled up on the sofa and spent the morning reading. Not a bad way to spend one’s vacation!

In the afternoon, we opted for an indoor adventure, so we visited the Opryland Hotel. This is one of those hit and miss places: either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it. I kinda loved it. Of course, I love anything that involves plants and gardens. The hotel has 3 atriums full of gorgeous plants and water features (waterfalls, a “river”, etc.). Hotel rooms have balconies overlooking the atriums, so you get to pretend that you’re in the tropics at any time of year. As an added bonus, they put up some pretty epic Christmas decorations (they’d only just started to put them up, and I was already pretty impressed).

I love foliage. I love the colours and patterns and general alive-ness of foliage, so I loved this place. The decorations they had were loads of fun (safari animals in fancy clothes, playing instruments, while parachuting). I would not say no to staying there for a weekend so that I could spend some time each day exploring the atriums a dozen times.

I think this might have also been the day that I finally tried Ethiopian food. It was so freaking delicious. I’m sad that the best Ethiopian restaurant in Edmonton in far enough away to be a pain to get to, but I will go because the food is amazing!

Lion king?
Christmas decorations at the Opryland Hotel, Nashville are pretty awesome
Tangled branches
Mosaic and glass flowers by Dale Chihuly

Oh, yeah, I also bought myself a silly souvenir :)

I didn't go camping while I was on Nashville, but this ornament was too cute to leave behind.

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