Nashville vacation, part 1

I went to Nashville, Tennessee!

And, unlike pretty much everybody else, I did not go for the music. My good friend, Joanne, moved to Tennessee because she went and fell in love with an American. Years after their wedding, I finally got around to visiting them.

Shameless plug: Joanne is a poet and owner of the indie publishing company Upper Rubber Boots. URB publishes mostly e-books and a mix of poetry and short stories. I’m especially fond of their Sole Series stories (short stories), which you can get in a bundle for a sweet deal.

I didn’t do any of the typical things, like visiting the Grand Ole Opry House or checking out the bar scene with all of it’s live bands. Instead, we did random things like going for day hikes, visiting the zoo, and wandering around East Village.

On my first day there, we went on a hike. The Old Stone Fort Archaeological State Park is a beautiful little park about an hour away from Nashville. It feels a bit like an island, but really it’s just a bit of land in between two rivers that meet in one corner. The best part about it is that there are a whole bunch of little waterfalls. We veered off the path a number of times to climb down into the river valley to get a closer look at the waterfalls. Had it been just a bit warmer, I think I would have even dipped my toes in the water. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful location. And, near the end of the hike, we found the remains of an old mill, which was fun to explore, despite just being four stone walls.

The one disappointing thing about the day was that I accidentally whacked my camera against a tree and it seemed to have cracked something (I had an arc in one corner of almost all my pictures after that, though I haven’t yet gotten an official diagnosis on what’s wrong).

Mill wall
Clear skies

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