Wallets and loyalty cards

I keep meaning to write about my awesome vacation in Nashville, but, honestly, it’s a bit depressing to think about how lovely it was there compared to how depressingly cold it is here (winter came early). So, instead I’ll talk about my giant wallet and my plethora of rewards/loyalty cards. Or, more accurately, how I won’t be carrying them around anymore.

Actually, I don’t have nearly as many cards as some people I know, but it seems like I keep needing more and more space in my wallet. Meanwhile, I hate that I have to grab a big hulking wallet anytime I want to run out for a quick errand. I like being able to leave the house/office with nothing more then a few things tucked into my pockets.

I did get as far as putting my gift cards (the very few I have) and my meager bits of cash into a separate change purse, for those times when I just want to run out to grab a quick tea or snack. But, I still had to carry all my cards each time I went out to run errands just in case. It was annoying, but not as annoying as finding myself without a loyalty card, so I put up with it.

Change purse


I also used a change purse for my odds and ends of camera related gear that I tend to carry around (typically, a lens cleaning cloth, hair elastics and my cell phone micro lens, but I also add things like extra batteries and SD cards when hiking, travelling, etc.).


But, I still had my monstrous wallet.

Then I discovered the existence of apps that will store your cards digitally. Pure brilliance! I’m using Stocard because it’s basic and doesn’t make me sign-up and back things up on the cloud (it’s an option, but not required, which is nice because it’s not necessary – I’m not tossing my cards, just leaving them at home!). The app scans barcodes (or, you can type numbers in manually if there’s no barcode) and generates them in a way that allows them to be scanned in -store. For mainstream cards (David’s Tea, Shoppers Optimum, etc.) they already include stores brand design, but lets you add icons and pictures of the front and back of the cards for specialty cards (like the one I have for my local quilting store).

So, now I just have a few cards to carry around (ID, health card, credit card, etc.). Of course, some cards get to have a place of honour in my much smaller “wallet (an old card holder I used to use when needed a bus pass). My library card is scanned into Stocard, can be generated by my public library app, and still gets to be front and centre simply because it’s cool.


The best part? My keys attach to my wallet, which means that I can keep everything contained. It also means that I no longer need my Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophies key ring, which is mostly to make it easier to find my keys at the bottom of my bag, but I love it too much to leave at home.


Yes, this means that I’m now carrying around 3 mini wallets, but I can leave any of them behind anytime I want. I like to have things compartmentalized and separated as much as possible. (I also have a mini pouch in my day-to-day bag with a few small extras, like a few bandaids, hand lotion, etc.)

If you have a tonne of cards, you should look into one of the many card storage apps. Even if you like having a big wallet, it could help reduce the bulk a bit (you can leave those rarely used cards at home) and it gives you a back up option without having to download all the individual store-based apps (which often track you and such).



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