#365FeministSelfie update

You may remember that I decided to join a friend in doing a 365 selfie project. Well, I’m still doing it, but I definitely slacked off while I was without a cell phone for nearly two weeks in September. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

[Most of] August: I took extra pictures in the first weekend because I was gallivanting around Alberta (Drumheller, Banff and Jasper) with my cousin and there were so many great selfie opportunities (with the dinosaurs, on the Skywalk, on a freaking glacier!). I briefly considered being all smiley and happy in all my selfies (like in this one, which is one of my favourites, so far), but I’m not that person. While content and often even quite happy, I don’t tend to smile a lot. I do, however, like the make the occasional silly face.

Selfies, so far

September [and the last few days of August]: Aside from a cold and quiet trip to Banff, September was a mostly quiet month for me. I was super busy with work and with having the week from hades, which ended with me somehow breaking my phone. Nearly two weeks without my phone wasn’t so bad, but I hated not having a camera in my pocket. This was the month of having multiple people telling me that I didn’t look very happy (resting bitchface, I have it!), making a dinosaur face, and branching out to include pictures of my feet as part of my repertoire.

September selfiesHuh, I just realized that one picture’s missing – me being a hardcore thread hoarder.

One thing that I’ve been finding difficult is getting over the idea that I need to have new and exciting pictures each day. Which is, I guess, part of the point of this project. The feminist angle is because there’s a need to share the idea that it’s ok to have a normal life, to be a quiet person, and to just be ourselves. I spend a lot of time on my own, because I choose to. I don’t party. I don’t travel much. I’d rather sit at home with a book than shop. That’s just me and that means that a lot of my pictures are going to be “boring.” But, I’m ok with that. It just makes the few exciting moments all that much sweeter.

You can see all my selfies in my selfie album on Flickr.


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