August long weekend camping trip, part 1

I went on a little adventure on the August long weekend (we get the first Monday of August off, because we’re awesome; also, we added a couple extra days vacation). The plan was to visit Drumheller, maybe head out of the city on Saturday (which we didn’t end up doing, after all), and then run off to Banff for a couple of days of camping. It was pretty awesome, aside form a few frustrations.

Skate (as in the fish) fossil

Drumheller has been on my wish list since the first year I moved to Alberta. It’s home to the Royal Tyrrell Museum (dinosaurs!) and cool landscapes (like hoodoos).

We mostly just hung out at the museum, because DINOSAURS! It’s one of the coolest museums I’ve ever visited. They have a great collection of fossils (not just dinos, they also have a mammal exhibit and items from across the ages) and displays which they’ve clearly put a lot of though into. They didn’t just put up a T Rex skeleton, they made it look like it was chasing something down or eating the fossil of another dinosaur.  One room was dark, with blue lights to represent the deep water which would have been home to the marine reptiles being featured. Animals were grazing, swimming, or lunging at each other while their backgrounds depicted what scientist believe the landscape was or depicted the scene being played out, but with full flesh dinos. There was even an area where you could interact with an scientist who was working on cleaning off a fossil or watch the whole team at work behind a large window. It was pretty fantastic and well worth the trip.

This looks like someone had made it out of glass, but it is a fossil
Lunch time (Mammoth and saber-tooth)
Ancient marine life display
This was one of the older exhibits. I thought all the aquatic critters were awesome, but this one was a zoomed in look at things found in the Burgess Shale.

After the museum, we made a pit-stop at Horseshoe Canyon for lunch and to check it out. We didn’t end up  hiking down through it because it was getting late and the trails down were a bit steep looking (both of us have past injuries that make rough terrain complicated). It’s a beautiful landscape, and I definitely want to go back someday to walk through the canyon.

Horseshoe Canyon

It was a pretty great trip and a nice way to start the weekend.

Horseshoe Canyon

I took both my wee digital camera and my Instax. I didn’t take many pictures with the Instax until I got to Banff, but it’s a nice little camera and I like the old school looking pictures.

Horseshoe mountain

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