Recent cross stitch pieces

It occurs to me that I should share some of the cross stitching I’ve done recently, especially as I’ve been stitching almost every day for about 2 weeks.

Let’s start with The Immaculate Heart piece. It’s a limited edition kit with a chart by Ink Circles and threads by Dragonflylotus Design. If you know anything about me, you know that Liz’s threads are my crafty weakness. Ink Circles is one of my favorite chart designers (though, I own surprisingly few of them and I haven’t gotten around to doing the few that I won). She does Celtic and mandala based designs, and has a wide variety of different themes (flowers, swirls, buildings, squids, and even alien school girls). I loved this kit the moment I saw it – the patterns and colours are absolutely perfect. I haven’t decided how I’m going to frame it, but I’m thinking of doing a porthole quilted frame with a small band of that fiery orange and a whole lot of that gorgeous red. Framing it (and the next piece) is on hold for now, as I’m typically quite busy with volunteer work in the summer.

Immaculate Heart kit by Ink Circles, featuring thread by Dragonflylotus Designs

xs01The second piece I did is a re-do of a piece I almost finished ages ago. It was also a kit, but I’d run out of thread and when I emailed to find out what thread it was so I could buy more, I didn’t get a response.

Meh. Whatever. She lost some customer service points, but I still loved the pattern.

I worked from the partially finished piece, so I didn’t notice that I’d been looking at it upside down and missed a whole row until now, but I’ve decided to leave it as is. I’ll probably do a porthole quilted frame for this one too, but with some lovely purply-blues. Maybe even with shot cotton, which feels decadent, but would look really lovely.


If your confused by the “porthole quilted” frame idea, I mean that I want to do something like I did for my “Meh” piece, but with a round. So, like this. I found a great tutorial for a quilt using this idea/method, but with irregular shapes. I’ll stick with actual circles, but I might have to make that quilt someday.


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