Bye bye, quilt wall

When I started quilting, everything I read said that I *needed* a quilt wall and that it would be so useful.

Nope. Not for me, anyway.

For me, all it did was act as a place for things to accumulate when I couldn’t be bothered finishing them, putting them away or making decisions about what I needed to do with them. And, because I don’t have the luxury of damaging walls with screws and such, all I could really do was hang a flannel sheet. So, basically, it became an eyesore and dumping ground.

quilt wall

Living in a decently sized apartment by myself without kids or pets means that I can use whatever space is available to me, like my vast amount of floor space in my living room. So long as I remember to weight things down when I have a window open, this is the perfect place for laying out quilt blocks.

Laying out crosses quilt
Note the “beautiful” apartment beige carpet under the fabric pieces – lots of space *and* a neutral colour!

So, I took it down.

My ex-quilt wall

When I started working on re-decorating and re-thinking my apartment to make it more of a home and less of a temporary landing ground, I decided that I wanted to have this space for art and nice storage (maybe a dresser or sideboard). But, then I decided to move from a laptop to a desktop computer, complete with a ginormous screen I can use for watching movies and such. It’s heaven being able to sit back on the sofa to watch things without having to balance a laptop on my knees. And, even without art, this looks so much better.

It’s nice having space for plant life at my desk. It’s especially nice to have somewhere to put flowers (I may have to start buying flowers more regularly!).


Maybe someday, when I have a room that I can dedicate to just sewing, I might make a proper quilt wall (batting covered Styrofoam that I can use as a glorified bulletin board for quilt pieces), but for now I just want my living room to look nice. I more have space for art, plants, and more piles of books on top and a tidy looking living room.

I just need to put up art and find the perfect lamp for my desk.



  1. I use the floor, too. Not sure I could adjust to using a design wall. We all have to make the best choices to suit ourselves. Sounds like you’re moving in the right direction.


    • I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people I’ve been following in the past year or so use the floor, but when I was first learning, pretty much everyone said I needed one. But, I agree, we have to make choices that suit us :)


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