Spring has sprung

I’m happy to say that it’s officially sprummer (spring-summer because in Edmonton spring is so quick and random that it really just goes from the end of winter to the early summer). The trees are all greening up nicely and many of them are full of blooms.

Taken last week:

Trees in bloom

Taken three days later. These trees are green with white flowers – they’re white with hints of green. It’s incredible and beautiful. Soon the sidewalks will be covered in white petals!

Trees in bloom

There are also some gorgeous deep pink buds …

Blossoms and a spider (I didn't notice him until I uploaded this picture)

… which blossom into lovely pink flowers.

Pink blossoms

Even the sad and pathetic looking bushes outside of a strip mall I visited this weekend were gorgeous and full of blooms.

Light pink blossoms

This one was my favourite because I had no idea it had flowers until I was a foot away.

I didn't realize this bush was in bloom until I was a foot away from it

And, even the flower-less bushes are gorgeous. This vibrant green reminds me of the lush foliage back home.

Vibrant green

Sigh. I really need to toss my camera in my bag because the cell phone camera doesn’t do these beauties any justice.

Anyway, the weather has cooled off, thanks to the season’s first thunder storm and cloudy weather on Sunday. It’s going to continue to be cool and wet all week, which is only annoying because I’ve been seconded (borrowed) by an office that’s further away from home, so my walks to/from work will be slightly less pleasant than usual. Thankfully, I’m not too proud to wear a giant poncho, if needed. And, hey, at least I’m not pulling my winter clothes out!


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