Snow in May

After what felt like an extremely long winter, spring finally started to happen. And, then it snowed. Worse than that, it didn’t just snow a wee bit one day and then melt away with fresh spring weather. No. It stayed cold for several days and snowed more than once.

This weather, something that I should not be surprised by and that I am more than prepared for, put a real damper on the first week of the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 challenge. Usually I love this challenge because it’s spring and I want to spend all my time outdoors. But, last week it was just depressing. I only missed one day, but I definitely did not enjoy several days (not even enough to take pictures or do anything other then go for a 30 minute walk and quickly retreat to my cozy apartment).

Of course, the grossness of the weather must all be taken in context. Now that it’s warm again (16C/61F, as I type this), I’m able to look back at the few pictures I took and be impressed with how pretty things were or how interesting the weather was. At the time that I took the pictures, I was just cold and annoyed.

I feel the need to be outdoors again, but before I go, here are some pictures from the frozen hell we endured last week.

That's not fog, it's snow.
That’s not fog, it’s snow.
May 5th, and all the poor little buds are covered in frozen water droplets.
Frozen drops on new buds.
Snow crusted stairs
Snow crusted stairs
The trail, winding.
I dislike the snow, but I like how the trail winds back and forth in the distance.
Even the clouds look depressed.
Even the clouds look depressed.

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