I almost did this

I bought some Eivor curtains from Ikea ages ago and had planned on painting some of the leaves and birds to add a little colour and whimsy. I’m also a bit slow to get around to doing some things, so they just ended up staying packed in my closet. Last week, while lamenting about my apartment, I decided to browse the web to see what other people did with the curtains (especially what rooms looked like with these curtains) and found someone who *did* add colour. About a year ago, By Gaenor posted some pictures of the curtains she painted for her girls’ bedroom:


It’s nice and they work really well for a kids room, but I have to admit that I’m really glad I didn’t add colour to mine. I think I prefer them as they are – just black and white. They’re already a little bit juvenile, to some, and I think the added colour makes them look a little more child-friendly. I think they could work if I painted/stained everything, but I simply don’t have the ambition needed to do that much work. Anyway, look how lovely they look in a bright window!

Nouveautés 2011/2012 : la collection Ikea en avant-première

I think they would work really well in a small room that doesn’t have a lot of interesting pattern already in it. Or, if lined, they could be really nice as a quilt back (not the right kind of fabric, as it’s a bit slick and sheer, but it would be really pretty). For now, I’m going to hang onto them, but I’m not going to paint them.


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