Stop waiting for everyone to like you …

I don’t know this guy or if his writing is any good. All I know is that someone re-twitted the update below and it caught my eye.

I think that this applies to pretty much everything in life. Yes, it’s nice if you have some like-minded friends and it’s nice to feel accepted, but there comes a point when you have to draw a line in the sand and say, “no, this is me and it’s ok if you don’t like parts of me.”

Also, there is some good that comes from being an occasional shit disturber. Without people who try to break norms or question the predominant beliefs, we’d never evolve or advance as individuals or as a society. Yes, even the people who question things that are based on good ethics, science, etc. help because they strengthen our resolve by allowing us to remind ourselves and each other why some things are bad, no matter what (think in terms of anything that impedes basic human rights).


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