Sew Advent 2014 SAL Check-in #3

I’m participating in the 2014 Sew Advent SAL (stitch-along) hosted by Dragonflylotus Designs Handspun Threads, using the band sampler from iStitch.  For more information, visit Liz’s blog. See my intro post about this project here.

I just realized that I didn’t remember to post an update on the last check-in (I hadn’t quite finished). Ah well, it’s looking pretty fantastic.

This week’s band and divider band were pretty quick and simple, which is nice, as I was up late on Sunday night doing it last minute (as usual). Next week’s band includes the first bit of colour – yay!

Note: I used one strand for the divider band (DB4 in the chart, or the bottom line in the picture). The chart recommended 2 strands and Liz used 2 strands, but I’m a rebel, I guess ;)

A simple stitch for this week's divider band. #crossstitch #sewadvent2014 #SAL

One thing I’m finding with the silk threads I’m using is that I really notice when I accidentally pick up one of my cheap needles. I’m so glad I bought better needles, because my cheap ones are rough in the eye, which catches and frays the thread. Of course, even my better quality needles take a beating and seem to bend quite easily (the picture below is *after* I straightened it a bit). I may just need to upgrade again!

Up late bending needles. Oops. #crossstitch #sewadvent2014 #SAL


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