Library “shelfie”

Yesterday was library shelfie day, apparently. Someone on Instagram tagged me, wanting to see mine. So, I posted three. (See #libraryselfie for loads of awesome shelves full of wonderful books).

My library comes complete with a nature section guarded by a seal napkin holder #libraryshelfie #books

Oddly enough, I don’t have many nature books. This is partly because I finally got around to purging all my old text books a few years ago (they were old enough to have been superseded twice over) and partly because I have the rest of my nature books spread out all over the place (my bathroom, my living room, and at work, because sometimes I like to take a break from information management and read about birds).

And, this is my "to read" section, complete with fake librarian glasses #libraryshelfie #books

This is *part* of my collection of books I haven’t read yet. I also have a few in my bathroom and several on my Kobo. The librarian glasses were part of a joke graduation gift from my brother. He sent me a librarian survival kit, complete with a date stamp, tea, and these librarian-esque glasses.

This is my work "library." I'm a #librarian, but I don't work for a library. Most of these are international/national standards or training documents. #libraryshelfie #informationmanagement #work

Professionally speaking, I’m a librarian, but I don’t work for a library. I work in information management, acting as a subject matter expert attached to a contract, an information management business analyst and a needs requirement / general business analyst on a development team. As a subject matter expert I write policies and provide advice, so I keep a small library of standards and training manuals on hand. But, the majority of our stuff is electronic (most of this was given to me as paper, so I figured I’d keep the paper for making notes and taking to meetings, as needed). I also have a growing binder (not shown) specifically for the contract and the internal standards and recommended practices that we wrote ourselves. It’s not as exciting as my at-home book shelf, but I still like my little collection.

And, now that I’ve written about my book shelves, I feel the need to hit up the internet for some pictures of other people’s libraries or shelves :)


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