Sew Advent 2014 SAL Check-in #2

I’m participating in the 2014 Sew Advent SAL (stitch-along) hosted by Dragonflylotus Designs Handspun Threads, using the band sampler from iStitch.  For more information, visit Liz’s blog. See my intro post about this project here.

Changing the fabric for this project was a great idea … and not just because it gave me an excuse to buy more beautiful linens ;)

These were my three choices: Dolphin, Gunmetal, and Tin Roof (all by Weeks Dye Works, which I bought at my favourite Canadian Needlework online store, Traditional Stitches). I also ordered Havana (a deep brown), but they were out of stock and I wanted the new fabric a.s.a.p.

Decisions .... (Dolphin by Weeks Dye Works) #crossstitch #fabricDecisions .... (Gunmetal by Weeks Dye Works) #crossstitch #fabricDecisions. (Tin Roof by Weeks Dye Works) #crossstitch #fabric

For me, the clear winner was Gunmetal. especially when I toyed with the idea of adding a third colour to the piece:

And, maybe I'll add some brown, because why start following instructions now? #SewAdvent2014 #SAL  #crossstitch

So, not I’ve got Woodlands Mushroom as the main colour with accents of Woodlands Evergreen, Drucilla, and Woodlands Rabbit. I’m going to use the Rabbit for the reindeer, which are done in the main colour in the pattern, but I rarely follow directions 100%, so why start now?! :)

I’m a little behind today because the fabric only just arrived late last week and I had a busy weekend volunteering and such, so I didn’t get to start redoing the first bit (one band and two dividing bands) until late last night. I got part of the band done, so I need to finish it and the dividing band below it.

Loving this fabric colour choice! #SewAdvent2014 #SAL #crossstitch

But, hey, it was worth and extra time because it looks so much better on this new fabric colour.

I'm a bit late starting this redo, so I might not get caught up in time for tomorrow. #SewAdvent2014 #SAL #crossstitch



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