Go Kaleo: Awesomeness is not measured by the scale

I just wanted to share this post from Go Kaleo.

This body weighs almost 170 pounds (I’m 5’9).

This body takes up space.

This body fought back when I tried to force it to be small.

This body thrives when I accept it and allow it to be just the way nature (and my parents) made it to be, which is not small.

This body has been accused of being both too lean and too fat, by people who are under some narcissistic delusion that their opinion on the size and shape of my body is important.

This body is perfectly fine just the way it is.

170 is a number that horrifies many people when it is attached to a woman’s body. It is simply the relationship my body has with gravity though. Nothing more.

The number on the scale has no bearing on your worth as a person, or the quality of your life, or how people that matter will perceive you.

Be more. Be you. Allow your body to be awesome. Awesomeness is not measured by the scale.

(Source: Go Kaleo, January 21st, 2014)

I really like Go Kaleo. It’s a nice mix of inspiration (but not overly dramatic inspiration), truth, science, rants, and a little more truth. If you’re into such things, I recommend checking her out.


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